Physician Payment Registry

Building Trust Through Transparency

When doctors work together with the pharmaceutical industry, patients benefit — because collaboration makes new medicines possible, delivers quality health education, and provides better insights into patient needs.

Research Education Consulting

To achieve our mission of helping people live longer, healthier, more active lives, Lilly collaborates with a variety of health care professionals and other external parties. Without their support and expertise, we simply could not be successful in bringing new medicines to patients. In fact, Lilly must work in partnership with physicians and other health care professionals to fulfill regulatory requirements for the approval of medicines and the proper education of prescribers regarding those medicines.

This site is intended to share background information on why these collaborations are essential and how they are structured, including information about the payments and other forms of non-cash value that Lilly provides to the physicians who work with us. These disclosures are part of a commitment Lilly made to the U.S. government in a Corporate Integrity Agreement.

We hope our commitment to disclose our financial relationships with physicians and other health care professionals will help earn your trust. It is only with your trust that we can gain the support we need from physicians to continue searching for, testing, and most importantly — delivering meaningful advances in medicine to positively impact your life as well as others.